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The mission of the Nebraska Warriors is to support the health and wellbeing of veterans of the United States Armed forces.  How we do that is a little different than medical systems that are currently in place.  We take the stereotypical veteran and align them with like-minded veterans, then turn them loose playing sports!

Our team-centric approach to support allows the healing to take place behind the scenes.  Veterans receive social interaction, physical exertion, and stimulate their competitive nature within our program.  Not to mention, it has been (and will continue to be) our priority to provide this service to veterans at little to no cost to the individuals!

We invite you to look around our website.  Explore the different sports that we offer under our SPORTS tab at the top of the page.  Want to know more about our leadership and our organization, go to the ABOUT US tab.  If interested in joining our ever-growing program, head to the REGISTRATION page and fill out the membership application.  This costs nothing and commits you to nothing.  Also, check out our SPONSORS tab to see the wonderful groups that have decided to support us.  You will also find links there to support us with a donation if you are so inclined.

If you are a civilian and are passionate about helping veterans, you are absolutely welcome to join as well.  We are always looking for volunteers to help guide the support and expand into new sports!

Nebraska Warriors Mission

The Nebraska Warriors Hockey Program's mission is to support the health and wellbeing of veterans of the United States Armed Forces using a social atmosphere.  The social atmosphere is created using team sports that mimic the service connections of small units, squad, flights, and so on.  The camaraderie that forms in this type of setting lasts for years.  

Our goal that will remain our primary focus to reduce/eliminate the dreaded 22 a day statistic that is the veteran suicide rate.  Our sports programs, as well as our collaboration with other veteran organizations (Irreverant Warriors, Mission 22, and Discfunction Veterans), and our family events will help to unite the community, giving members more resources to turn to, instead of making the permanent decision of suicide.

It is our hope to continue to grow across the state and bring in additional sports to the organization.  As of March of 2020, we currently offer Ice Hockey and Parachuting, however, we are working on more sports.  Please check back soon to see our progress.

Have a sport in mind?  Looking for support to get it started?  Please contact our leadership at and we can speak about possibly helping out!  

Nebraska Warriors Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Nebraska Warriors?  

Email to find out more information!

Sponsored by American Legion, Post 331 Omaha, NE

American Legion, Post 331 Omaha, NE

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This wonderful group not only donated to our general fund, but they also hosted a Chili Feed in support of the Nebraska Warriors.  Thank you to the Legion and the Legion Auxiliary!

If you or someone you know are a veteran, have them check out the American Legion membership.  The Legion provides many benefits for veterans of all ages and continues to give back to the community.

Sponsored by Lincoln Stars

Lincoln Stars

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The Lincoln Stars (USHL Hockey Program) has been a HUGE supporter of the Nebraska Warriors!  From providing us with great fundraising opportunities to donations of raffle items, they continue to help us along the way.


Sponsored by VFW Post 4626, Lincoln NE

VFW Post 4626, Lincoln NE

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The VFW Post 4626 graciously donated to the Nebraska Warriors and have sponsored the June 27-28 Hockey tournament in Ralson!  Thank you, VFW for your continued support!

Are you a veteran and served in a combat zone?  Know someone that is?  Check out the VFW's website for details on how to become a member. 

Sponsored by Omaha Lancers

Omaha Lancers

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The Omaha Lancers (USHL Hockey) has not only afforded MANY fundraising opportunities during Lancer games, they have also donated ice time for us to host many exhibition games through the 2019-2020 season.  

Thank you Lancers community!

Sponsored by Minnesota Warriors

Minnesota Warriors

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The Minnesota Warriors awarded us a grant for start-up costs, as well as helping us during the first few months with paperwork and budgeting.  Without them, we would not be where we are at today.  Thank you Minnesota Warriors!

Sponsored by Bar Down Hockey Shop

Bar Down Hockey Shop

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Bar Down is the place in Lincoln AND Kansas City for all of your hockey needs!  They have a full-service skate shop, plus provide all of the major brands of hockey gear.

Bar Down graciously provided our first set of practice jerseys, bottles, and pucks.